How long do I hold to wear my retainer?

My orthodentist said I have to wear it my whole duration, thats obviously a load of bull. How long do I own to wear it at night, which is what I am doing now. I get my braces off 3 years ago and wore my retainer 24/7 up until a year ago, now I purely wear it when I sleep. How much longer do I have to wear that stupid thing?
You only enjoy to wear your retainers until you don't care if they stay straight. Most orthodontists say after 2 years you can wear them a couple times a week at dark (when you sleep) they are PJ's for your teeth.

Teeth have memory they will start to go put a bet on to where they started especially if you had alot of crowding or a space between your teeth.

Take it from me who see this everyday it is worth wearing them especially if you are young and your parents paid for your braces cuz you don't want to be elder with messed up teeth and have to settle to do it all over again Source(s): Ortho assistant for 11 years
Wow. I wore mine religiously for a month, then single at night for a couple weeks, then I stopped wearing it. My teeth shifted exceptionally little, enough to give my teeth a inborn straight look versus that fake straight look, and now, 3 years subsequently, they haven't shifted since. I had braces for 4 years, and the majority of the 4th year nothing be done for my upper braces, so I counted that as retainer time lol. Just a few weeks ago half my bottom retainer broke off, but everything is doing fine.
I would recommend you continue to wear it every night until you are 25. After that your mouth is done growing and your teeth won't shift.
Whatever you do, don't throw it away. I wore braces for two years but I ran over my retainer with my coup¨¦, by mistake, after wearing it for only 6 months. I didn't get a unknown one and now I have developed a space between my top two front teeth. It's hideous and I know it's because I didn't wear my retainer approaching I should. I sure wish I had one in a minute!! :o
I get my braces in 5th grade and have them for 2 1/2 year. I wore retainers 24/7 for the first year after I got my braces off and to this daylight (I'm going to be a freshman in college) I've popped them in every darkness.

Teeth will continue to move as you age, especially around 30-50.

You could probably do just a couple of times a week to hand over your teeth the proper "memory", ie, where they should stay and not shift.

I plan to wear mine every night through college which is another 4 years and after that, who know!
if uve be wearing it that much than u dont have to anymore. i only wore mine for a couple of months after i get mine off and only when i slept and it still fits presently when i put it in. that was close to 2 years ago.
ably, my dentist said that i had to wear it for another 10-20 years. i dont know.
i guess until its no longer tight when you put it within, im sure its fine now.
I never had braces so I don't know exactly BUT my hubby did when he was surrounded by high school. He's wearing his once every 2-3 night. He said if he doesn't he can feel it tighter again and feels close to his teeth are moving right back the way they be. His mom is still wearing hers and she's in her 50s. So I'd say tough it up once every 2 night if you don't want to waste a whole lot of money and own bad teeth again. You'll get used to it sooner or next. It's just night time, no1 will see you. And if you're dating someone I bet you anything they'd a bit have you look pretty during the day and nouns funny at night when you try to talk.

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