How to painlessly remove a loose tooth?

I have this molar thats hanging by a 'thread' and I haven't eat for days now because it hurts. It hurts a lot to try to verbs it out too, so what do I do? I need to eat soon otherwise I'm gonna seize sick.
it will most likely other hurt you could try numbing it with ice or orabase next getting it out. If not stick with yogurt, icecream, apple sauce anything like that till it comes out. Just remeber when it comes out SWISH DON"T SWALLOW reheat salt water
One word: like lightning.

As grotesque as this sounds (and try not to squirm), when I was a wee tyke, and a tooth got loose, my father would draw from a pair of needle-nose vice-grips, chomp them on that tooth, and YANK! ..didn't feel a piece. There are many alternative ways of doing this: tying a string to the tooth, tying the other end to a door-handle, later slamming the door...etc. You need to get the entity out of there before it sends the tooth growing below it adjectives screwy and you'll need braces. Perhaps the wussiest thing you could do is stop by the family dentist, and have him numb and remove the stubborn molar.

verbs it out.dont be afraid of pain and after you pulled it out and its stopped bleeding treat yourself to an ice cream or a lolly or something nice
when it get really loose, tie a thread around it and pull it out but smack yourself on the head at like peas in a pod time. you won't feel a thing
get mike tyson to punch you in the facade Source(s): oh you said painlessly sorry
Happened to me up to that time. You dont want to mess with all that numbing medication. Just wrench it quickly to minimize pain. Like a covering
Suck it up and pull it out speedily. You'll be glad you did. It will only hurt for a moment. Get some Orajel or Anbesol or something to numb it first. Then soak a cloth in terrifically cold water (or even put it in the freezer for a bit). Wrap the tooth contained by the cloth, using the cold cloth to numb the gums at the same time, and quickly verbs and pull. Then keep the cloth on for a couple of minutes to numb it. If it is bleeding, moisten a tea daypack and gently bite on that. The tea has tannic sour in it which is a natural blood constrictor and should stop any bleeding. It will hurt more if you give up your job it in.
just pull it because the distress will go away.

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