How do dentists remove a tooth rotten to the gum rank?

My boyfriend has several teeth that are rotten to the gum line. He is thoroughly reluctant to go to a dentist because of a phobia. I am worried that they will not be able to do anything because they wouldn't hold anything to 'pull' on. Is his only option surgery?
local anesthetic (he wont feel a thing)
and next they just pull it out.
some soreness afterward but zilch a few tylenol wont take care of.
surgery is a massively loose term. he may require surgery, but i have have some pretty messed up teeth rotted to the point of almost not existing, and the dentist i went to Numbed me up and went to town beside some sort of cutting device, as bad as it be it still only took him about 20 minutes and nearby was hardly any backache (though he did give me like six shots). the dentist never said anything nearly surgery and didn't refer me to anyone, it was a simple in department "root extraction". don't get me wrong, not all dentist are impossible to tell apart and not all dentists will perform this procedure contained by their office. i know how he feels roughly dentists though, i had a bad expierence when i be really young and it caused me to not dance back for years and years, but in the extremity i would have been so much better rotten if i had just gone to a different dentist instead of thinking they be all going to hurt me
It is a routine piece to remove teeth that have rotted off below the gum dash or to take out the roots. Special instruments and techniques are used and here should be no pain or problems. Tell him not to worry. Source(s): A dentist
The vast majority of dentists would use a blowtorch and a meat-cleaver. However, some simply drill down to the root and it is very natural to take out. I would advise finding the latter of the two types.
Call up the dentist and ask them. I'm sure they have a channel to do it.

About the phobia, I bet you could give him some sleeping pills or something a little in the past he goes into the dentist chair. Then newly drag him in there and permit them operate while he's asleep.
The dentist can still pull it out. Even if they own to slit the gum a little to get a hold of the tooth below the gum line. Source(s): experience
No mode. What they do is numb up his mouth (Which doesent hurt) and they get down to where the tooth is, and they freshly pull it or dig it out. If it's solitary rotted to the gum line it can be pulled out.
EWWWWWWWWW.And you still kiss that. Sick you might draw from nasty teeth as well. Maybe aids.

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