Sharp fragment poking through 11 days after teachings tooth extraction?

I had all 4 of my impacted desirability teeth removed on July 9th and a couple of days later after the swelling went down I notice that on both sides on the inside of my jaw I could feel something sharp a moment ago under the surface of my gums. This morning on the right side that sharp object finally come through the gums and is causing me quite abundantly of discomfort by scratching the bottom edge of my tongue every time I move it.. this aim is really sharp! It is very white like a tooth but I'm not sure what bone looks resembling so it could be a bone as well I suppose. I called the dentist and they said that this is everyday but they can't get me in for almost a week to procure it removed. Is this a chunk of leftover wisdom tooth or something close to that? On the other side of my jaw it feels as though the sharp intention is getting ready to poke through the gums over there.. oh how gleeful that would be >.< Will these objects possibly come out on their own entirely before my appointment later this week? Is here anything I can do to lessen the pain that it is causing? I tried to smooth stale the sharp edge of the object but putting much pressure on it really hurts. Thanks for any suggestions
yeah its probably just pieces of the tooth that be leftover....That happened to me....i lately pulled it out

Most expected bone. Could be a bone fragment or most likely just the sharp frame of bone left after the tooth was removed. Sometimes after extraction to be precise filed off so it isn't so pokey.

Ibuprofen may help out but I'd get back surrounded by to see him to check it out. Source(s): 4th year dental student

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