How do you mold a mouthguard for braces?

My daughter just got her braces and wishes to wear a mouth guard.
Doesn't it pull the braces when molding them??
i enjoy braces myself and you need to go see the orthodonist because they own special mouthgaurds for braces that wont pull or rip!
i hope this helps! Source(s): me!
Hi mojo29,

I would recommend checking out a "One-Size" Fits All mouth guard vs. a custom mouth guard (mold/boil) if your daughter is wearing braces. provides night guards for $10.95-$24.95 .. where on earth as a custom mouth guard from a doctor might cost you anywhere from $300-$500. Check out - I hope this helps .. good luck!

- Dave
When you have braces, you arent supposed to mold a mouthguard. You are of late supposed to buy a mouthguard and use it as it is. You get used to it eventually.
Just mold them close to a normal one. I used to have braces. But you buy a brace nontoxic moutguard.

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