Does extracting a tooth hurt?

I am about to get 4 teeth extracted today. 2 bottom and 2 top. They are contained by the middle. The dentist said i needed to to fix my overbite and to get my braces on. Does it hurt after the process? People said it doesnt hurt during it. But how much will it hurt after?
If you draw from numbed, it shouldn't hurt that much. Its a bit uncomfortable having someone pulling on the tooth, but it doesn't certainly hurt. If the gum aches when the anesthetic wears stale, take a painkiller. They abet. Good luck :)
Its like getting a squeeze. Come on! Seriously who told you it doesn't hurt. It hurts like hell. I was 14 and have the same thing up to that time I had my braces put on. Had 4 teeth, in the middle, 2 top, 2 bottom, and it be friggin horrible. I literally went home afterwards and sat contained by the shower in pain, bleeding from my mouth.
The novacaine and headache killers only help yourself to the edge off. It still really hurts. You purely gotta man up and get tough and get through it.
I got my prudence teeth removed yesterday and the shots of novicane were the worst part compared to the actual procedure I get 8 shots so I was so numb all around my mouth. When I get home, I had to put ice on my jawbone (angled down from the ear) and go that on for 10-15 min. Honestly, eating is pretty difficult since you kind of own to BARELY chew and just swallow the food. The dentist will tell you what the operation is with the medicine (to oblige with pain) and everything.
The first day is the worst, today's the 2nd, and I touch better. Yes, eating is still weird and difficult to do, but the worst be over.
Good luck sweetie, it sucks honestly, but you can't do much about it, you can only try and mute the pain as much as possible!

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