Impressions for retainer?

Okay so I'm getting an impression on the 17th this month for my retainer. So I was wondering, do they nick off my braces before they cart the impression? I also have an appointment on the 26th of this month. So am I freshly going to get an impression next to the braces on and when I come back on the 26th are they going to take them rotten, or will I get them off until that time they take impressions and I come back on the 26th to pick up the retainer? lol I really hope this make sence haha. =)
I had braces a few years ago, so I may be able to aid you out. The orthodontist took my braces off first and about a week latter I had my impressions done. Then about another week subsequent I picked up my retainer. Your orthodontist may do it differently, depending on the type of retainer you recieve. Source(s): Former BraceFace lol

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