How much does a palatal expander cost?

My 7 year old son had a palatal expander put on and 2 braces on his front teeth. Treatment should be 12 months. This is costing me $1950 total. Does this amount come across correct? My daughter had the same proceedure 2 years ago from matching doctor, his prices went up 60% from her total treatment cost.
Orthodontic treatment costs can very from practice to practice. Costs can list from $1500 to $5000 base on things like on things close to complexity of the case and number for appointments, but for what you described the price seems somewhat reasonable.
You didn't say where on earth you are from. Prices vary from region to region. My 6 yo is going through this right now and her treatment plan for 12 months includes an expander, some extractions and retainers. Her cost is $1700. We're surrounded by Toronto, Canada.

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