White, slimy stuff within my mouth?

For the last couple of days, when I woke up in the morning, I enjoy been finding this white, gooey, slimy stuff in my mouth. Does anybody know what it is or what cause it? I brush my teeth very well, as I enjoy never gotten a cavity. I also wear retainers. Help?
I be using Crest Pro Health and had that nearly every time. If you are using a Crest product, that may be it.

Ashley is exactly right on this one. Source(s): Still using it, just official the weird effects.
Do you have any other symptoms? Like a cut/sore in your mouth, or symptoms of an upper respiratory infection? If so, it could be relatein seventh heavenhat.

OR it could just be saliva mixed next to plaque or tartar. Do you floss regularly? It sounds like you would hang on to your retainers clean, but it never hurts to brush them more. Also, try rinsing with Listerine.
It's the toothpaste you use. Certain toothpastes cause "sloughing off" of the cells surrounded by your mouth, which is what that gooey stuff is. Crest Pro Health is notorious for that, but so are many others. It's zilch serious, but you should consider switching toothpastes if you want it to stop. Source(s): I'm a Dental Hygienist.
Please check with a dentist.
With matter of health it is always better to desire medical advice.

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