Why do my gums bleed?

my gums keep bleeding recently, not even only when I brush my teeth, though that does happen, but just chaotically a part of my gum will start to bleed, sometimes quite seriously! I know gum disease could be the case (and tips on what to do if it is that would be appreciated), but is there anything else it could be?
you could hold something stuck in there to be precise irritating your gums. go see a dentist.
It sounds like you do indeed own gum disease (gingivitis or possibly periodontitis) and if your gums are spontaneously bleeding then it is probably quite doomed to failure.

If you do have gum disease you should go to your dentist where on earth they will do a perio exam. They will gently "prod" around your gums and see how much various areas bleed on a amount of 1-5.

There is no "cure" for gum disease - it cannot be reversed, only slowed down. This is simply done by drastically improving your hygiene. You will be advise to used an electric tooth brush and to floss your teeth every day without backfire. If you have any large gap between your teeth you will be told to use an "inter-dental brush" in these gaps. You will be advise to visit the hygienist at least every 12 months (probably every 6) as they will know how to clean where you cannot accomplish. Also, if you smoke you MUST give up as this makes the problem much much worse.

I'm not aware of anything else it could be, but your dentist will be capable of assess you more thoroughly and give you more information.

Good luck!
I own had the same entity. This is probaly the first sign of gingivitus but dont worry this is what i did.
1. go to your dentist, he will dispense your teeth a good clean to moderate all the palque and other nasty bits
2. brush your teeth fundamentally well each dark, lighttly brush the bums.
3.floss your teeth.
4. use mouth wash preferably listerine.
5. use a salt and thaw out water rinse to reduce plaque.

i hope this help you. If you stick to this plan your gums will be back to normal contained by under a monthxx Source(s): personal experience
l was going to say you're using the wrong type of brush but as they bleed aside from that it sounds close to you do have gum disease, the only solution is to see your dentist.

Until you do use a mouth bath that helps fight gum disease
unless you are currently taking any medication (ie warfarin or aspirin) it is most likely justinflammationn specifically causing the bleeding, u are probably brushing your gums less when bleeding occur, when really u need to brush them far more thoroughly & floss daily, lift a leap of faith and gently but thoroughly brush your gum twice day by day and start flossing, u could also try corsodyl mouthwash for about a week but don't use for too long as it does cause staining, Really you should see a dentist, but this is what they will put in the picture you!
You need to be brushing and flossing every day.
you have scurvy hurry up and plan your funeral!
Go and consult the dentist as they are the best human being to offer advice on the subject of your problem.

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