How much Orajel is too much?

My tube of Orajel indicates that I should apply the Benzocaine UP TO 4 times a day. This is not often adequate to control my pain. How much would have to be used previously I have to worry something like an overdose?

I am being treated by a dentist. In the last week I've have two crowns; one root canal, one tooth pulled and another with a innards. (Total of four teeth treated). I also am being treated for severe TMJ. ALL my pain and treatment have been for the right side of my mouth. There is a lot going on at once and I've be pretty miserable. The inside of my mouth is pretty bruised from all the Novocaine injections, too. So...the Orajel helps closely...but only if I use it more often than the indicated 4 times day after day.

Am I risking harmful side effects?

Also....I smoke. I've noticed the pills says "tell your doctor if you smoke." He know I do but didn't mention anything about not using the Orajel. What does smoking have to do next to the used of Benzocaine?
*** NEWS FLASH! ***
smoking does not permit it heal correctly .. when i got my tooth taken out i cldnt skulk to smoke i just put a gause over the area so that the heavens wouldnt hit it ... did they give u antibiotics to take.. they shld ...that route your pain would go down ..
Orajel has never bothered me before and i enjoy used a new tube in soon.oops.
You might need to call your doctor tomorrow and ask him though

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