Can Your Eyes Hurt From A Tooth Infection?

I have a very fruitless cavity or infection not sure? on the right side top tooth, and my right eye is in shooting pain similar to someone pricking my right eye. I did have an eye infection, and was treated near 3 medications, and still have a pressure contained by the eye. Do you think it is related to my tooth perchance the nerve is connected and hitting it? Thanks an relation or could my tooth be infected and now it is affecting the eye?

My eye doctor said the tooth have nothing to do with it, BUT simply my RIGHT eye is bothering me still.

What do you think?
Yes, I'm pretty sure a toothache can make your eyes hurt. When I have braces and got them tightened, I often get headaches and my eyes would hurt. I don't think it's anything to verbs about! :) good luck!
Unfortunately, your eye doctor may be incorrect. Orbital or optical cellulitis is a rare but serious possible complication from dental infection. You must have this evaluated by a dentist or even an emergency room right away. Source(s): I am a dentist…

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