Why are my teeth rotting from the inside out?

I have been going to the dentist for some time in a minute and have had almost partially my teeth pulled. Now i have a tooth that barely have a cavity and my dentist says it needs to move about because it is rotten to the nerve. I was wondering if in attendance is a gum disease that causes teeth to rot from the inside out. I can not afford to get them fixed so I enjoy to go with pulling and i be also wondering the risks of not getting dentures... I wont be able to get them for a while when I hold all my teeth pulled
I am not accusing you personally of this, however i understand that associates who use Crystal Meth have these types of problems with teeth.
Step away from the Meth. Meth-heads loose teeth like dandelions spread wishes on a hot breazy summer day. Just as undemanding and as often. Crack-heads have simular issues, their teeth crash down out a little slower. I hear having a glowing fear a drugs and becoming an addict keep me clear of hard core drugs. When some1 say you startled to try it, my answer is ALWAYS YES I AM SCAREd. Scared to be disted and dismissed as a fiend.
dental work is expensive, i know. i'm a dentist. but people avoid the dentist so much that it's expensive b/c they requirement alot of work. prevention is best.

yes, teeth can 'rot' from the inside out due to periodontal disease (aka gum disease) most teeth rot due to a cavity on the outside and finds it's way to the nerve. however, if you hold deep enough pockets around teeth, germs can tract it's way down the root and near the guts at the apex of the tooth. other is more common but abscesses of gum basis due occur. best way to avoid it is to floss, brush, and regular cleanings. avoid smoking and hang on to diabetes under control.

how to fix the problem you will require a root canal and periodontal cleaning and/or surgery to attain rid of the pocket. even then it's hard to return with a good prognosis esp if your missing other teeth, home care is not great. so extracting the tooth may be best and it's cheaper too.

not getting dentures is not the downfall of the world. however, trying to eat on gums is not pleasant and teeth that are still present will tend to shift, move, lean to empty spots. teeth resembling to crowd each other in nice rows. when a tooth go missing, teeth will try to lean into that space and even the opposing tooth with 'super-erupt' into the space below or above.

when you do own some money for dentures, explore having implant-supported dentures (either full dentures or partials). dental implants will rescue bone structure, retain dentures better and make eating, smiling, discussion alot easier. normal dentures work great too.

yes ask your dentist about it. i know dentists sometimes don't give somebody a lift the extra time to explain things but if you show an interest (which clearly you do) than he/she will too. we love when patients take a interest in their own mouth. make our jobs easier in the finish.

good luck and take attention
ttg Source(s): im a dentist
what duper said. that explains why YOUR dentist isn't concerned in the region of preventive measures, like daily oral hygiene, and contents himself near just emptying your mouth for you on routine visit.
you obviously own a dentist.. so ask him. you think we have dentist that simply happen to check DentalCareFAQ.com on a daily principle? Try brushing your teeth every once in awhile - that may help.

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