Best type of toothpaste/mouthwash to minister to RESTORE ENAMEL?


Enamel is almost not possible to restore. Some of it may be recrystallized when using fluoride. But the most smooth thing to do is to prevent losing more. You do this by brushing your teeth every morning and evening. Use toothpaste containing fluoride. You should avoid eating to much sugar. But even more essential is to stay away from acidic foods and drinks. This is mainly sparkling drinks (coke etc.) and liquid. Some fruits are also very acidic, close to lemons and such. After eating or drinking acidic things the best is to neutralize the sour with something basic. Like for example a banana or a cup of tea. What ever you do, do NOT brush your teeth straight after ingestion or drinking something acidic! This will just kind things worse. Because the acid makes your enamel soft, and when you brush you teeth when it is still soft you may destroy it.

so maybe Crest Pro Health, colgate

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