My Teeth Are Chipping Away From My Gums!?

My two bottom teeth are chipping from the gums up. The bits that break off are brown. I brush my teeth regularly, have no piercings and never put away anything hard. It is not sore, just worrying because I'm afraid that they will a moment ago keep chipping away until I have nought left. This has be going on slowly over about a year, I havent done anything about it until immediately because it hasnt worried me. But the bits breaking off are becoming more frequent.
I have an appointment next to a dentist next week but was hoping somebody could make available me an answer so I know what to expect.
How long has it been since you enjoy seen a dentist? If the bits that break off are brown that sounds similar to tarter build up. Do you floss your teeth and get regular dental cleanings?
If not you probably need a amazingly thorough cleaning. good luck
What you are describing is known as Abfraction. The force of your bite cause some flexing of you tooth. As the tooth flexes the hard but brittle enamel chips at the neck of the tooth at the gumline nouns.
The broken area can be repaired with some white composite filling. But the bite force on the tooth must be reduced or the tooth will continue to break and the filling will pop out etc. So the tooth will involve to have some of the contact on it from the opposing tooth, ground away.
Oh, and since you might be grinding at darkness, putting a lot of force on these teeth, you might need a Bruxism appliance or commonly a nightguard.

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