Why Do My Gums Smell Like Poo?10POINTS for best answer?

A kid pushed me down the stairs 5 years ago,and i broke half of my 2 top front teeth.i went to the dentist and he glue the broken peaces somehow.my dentist said i should come back for a root canal contained by a month.but i forgot about it and went away for the summer for 3months.14months chronological.and my gums started to hurt a little bit and they started to smell a little bit when i open my mouth.2 years later i went to another dentist and get a root canal.i got the dentist to verbs one for the 2 teeth out.then the smell got 100times worst,the smell be there 24 7 even when i don't open my mouth,u could smell the discouraging odour from 6 yards away.now i get a big long hard bump going from my gum to to the back top of my throat and my gum turned to a whitish greenish color.what ever i munch through it smells like it with a poo smell.i flose every sunshine brush my teeth.and use mouthmash but makes it worst and got 100 pack of gum in my house.i used advill for 1 year but nothing its geting worst every daytime.the dentist saiz there is nothing wrong.but im sure its an infection.

thank you for your assistance.
You hold a serious infection. If your dentist says it is not your teeth see your family doctor IMMEDIATELY!! Have you ever hear of gangrene?? Seeing green anywhere on your body is a bad sign! The bad odor is from infection
You have gum infection .What you enjoy is the puss that is creating the bad smell.You enjoy a bad tooth that needs to come out.
pretty sure ur teeth are rotting and that's what's making the smell. u have very stupid dentists if they aren't figure that out. if u can smell it i'm sure they can as well. go to your doctor. you probably enjoy very bad gum disease as capably. even though u brush and floss.

this one has very clear pics. hope ur teeth don't look like that.

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