Does a crown procedure hurt?

I'm going for my first visit, I go to western dental, do they do the hole crown entity in-office so I don't have to wait for a irreversible crown? does it hurt? what do they do? how long does the shaving take? do they HAVE to shave off some of your teeth? because I have a tooth that had such a bad cavity it's completely short and tiny. but thickness wise impossible to tell apart. how long and what do they do the first visits, does the ones on the back upper/lower molars hurt? (i want multiple ones) can I choose to have all the ones that have need of crowns prepped instead of doing them visit by visit? how doomed to failure is the pain if it hurts?
The pain is minor. They use a q tip next to some numbing gel on it and numb the area where they stick the nozzle. Once you get the shot you won't feel anything. To prep a crown they grind down respectively surface of the tooth to make it so they can make a crown to be exact the exact same size and shape as the original tooth was. I hold been told that they only remove a millimeter stale each surface of the tooth but I don't know if that is true motivation I have a crown where almost the in one piece tooth had to be removed because there be decay that was trapped beneath the previous crown that was cemented to that tooth. They use a fabric to take an impression of your teeth so the crown will be close to model. They will only have to clear tiny adjustments to make the tooth fit together near your other teeth, but that doesn't hurt at all. If you have the crown made on the spot you will be sitting around for a while waiting, which when I have this done, took a good 3 or 4 hours. I heard here are modern systems that only take an hour and a partially to do the job. The pain is not a big accord and it is no worse than getting a filling. There was no spasm difference between molars,incisors, and bicuspids that I have had done. The with the sole purpose thing that hurts is paying for it, which cost me $950 per tooth and I have 10 crowns. You should not take them all prepped at once and I don't even know if the dentist will do it because when they put on a temporary it is pushed a touch below the gum line and if they don't put on the permanent crown surrounded by time, the gums grow over the crown a little bit and the dentist will have to use a laser to remove some of the gums formerly the crown will fit.
lol if its something with covering your tooth with somekind of silver consequently no it doesnt hurt cause they make u shift to sleep with medicine first lol i have mine and my crown fell of like 5 years later lol Source(s): dentist

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